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Our Equipment
Grafitti is committed to using the best equipment available. We are continuously upgrading our equipment as technology advances in the large format printing industry. Our printers are capable of printing up to 8 colors on a wide variety of materials. With a broad selection of printers and inks, the gear we use to create your product is always the best for that particular application.
Monti Antonio 901

Our 126" dye-sublimation heat press is proven technology with very high print definition. The 126"-wide heated rollers ensure reliable transfer of printed ink into polyester, nylon, acrylic, and blends.
Monti Antonio 901
HP Designjet Z6100

From posters to photos, maps to fine art, our 60" wide HP Designjet 6100 delivers outstanding image quality and durability. We use original HP Vivera pigment inks to ensure accurate, fade-resistant color every time we print. Interior display prints resist fading in or near a window for more than one year unlaminated, more than 3 years laminated, and more than 200 years away from direct sun.

Read more about printed image durability at www.wilhelmimaging.com
HP Designjet 6100
Mimaki JV3 - 250 SP

This 4-color high-resolution 98"-printer is similar to our 60" JV3-160SP, and allows us to print even wider photo-quality durable outdoor images.
HP Designjet 6100